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Phil Bates

Spanning a career in music of more than 50 years, Phil Bates has brought his many talents to well-known (and less well-known) bands; from being a lead singer/guitarist in a Heavy Metal band called  ‘Jug’ in his teens, Phil has played folk-rock with “Quill” (where he met wife, Jo, Blues, Pop with ‘Don’t Panic’ – Anthemic Rock with ‘Atlantic’ which has something of a cult status and even had a stint in a Bierkeller – but left very quickly when the owner insisted that the band wear Lederhosen!

In the late 1970s, ‘Trickster’ had a major record deal and toured extensively supporting ELO, Boston & Meat Loaf. During the late 90s and then again in the late 00s, Phil performed with four original members of The Electric Light Orchestra, Bev Bevan’s Move and The Orkestra in a stunning array of venues and arenas across the world. Phil has released several albums and another is on the way – WATCH THIS SPACE! The Phil Bates Band now plays all over Europe and after many years, there are solo gigs scheduled in the UK (see Live Page for details.)

A Blues Man at heart, his ability to write songs that have great melodies and poignant lyrics in different styles, is testament to his many abilities.

COMING SOON! Look out for downloadable tracks in our store!

Fragment 1890 Trailer Music: Joanna Bates

H.P. Lovecraft (1890 – 1937) was an American short story writer of weird, Gothic and fantasy fiction whose best known work was ‘The Call Of Cthulhu’ and he believed in Cosmicism – the idea that humanism is an illusion.; human consciousness, human civilization, humane values, and all the rest, add up to a bubble that surrounds us and keeps us from seeing that the cosmos is wholly indifferent to us. (Interesting word choice there by Lovecraft.) It’s not that it is necessarily hostile, although it might seem that way. Its just that in the vast sweep of time and space, human beings are nothing. We have our time on this speck of a planet, but there were eons before we arrived, and there will be eons after we’re gone. The abyss surrounds us. 


About Joanna Bates

Joanna Bates

Joanna Bates is a composer and musician who had a publishing deal with RCA/Arista and has written theme music for Discovery Channel; “Bear Sanctuary” ran for twelve years and was seen on networks all around the world. From classical works to pop and rock, film trailers. The most recent composition is a Sea Shanty called: “Starboard Skies” which will be available from the store very soon. The big news though, is the release of “See You In Hell” on 1st October which is a power rock ballad with a dark, elemental subject.

  • In recent years, Joanna has provided a diverse range of music and lyrical pieces including:
  • Music & v/o in English (& German, thanks to Ralf Vornberger) for a German Environmental Research company
  • educational songs e.g. “Warrior Cry” (Vikings + teachers’ notes)
  • A film trailer – as seen here…
  • A chamber music piece written in lockdown – for string quartet, piano and clarinet entitled, “Views From An English Rowboat” and a downloadable pdf of the score will be available from our store very soon!
  • A games demo for Big Point in Germany
IT’S HERE! – “See You In Hell!”  
A Rock Ballad in the classic, time-honoured style…but with a more contemporary production – featuring vocals from Shelley Harland and a great guitar solo from Phil Bates
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